Stall characteristics and stall cell behavior in a linear cascades system of a single stage axial compressor are presented by applying a numerical analysis of compressible N-S equations. The system consists of a rotor and a stator, where flow is assumed to be periodic over six blades and ten vanes respectively. Although the number of blades and vanes per period is much less than that in the real-rig, and the analysis is conducted in a laminar viscosity mode, computed stage performance from normal operation to deep stall agrees fairly well with experimental data. In deep stall, rotor cell propagates in linkage with stator cell at a computed speed of 65 % of the rotor speed. This speed is considerably close to the measured value of 55 %. Stall cell propagation is discussed on flow patterns showing stall development, stall induction in the follower blade and interaction between the rotor and stator.

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