Cogeneration is a very well known and important subject in the industries due to its impact in energy saving and reduction of air pollution. Jeddah Oil Refinery Company (JORC) generates its electric power demand using four industrial gas turbines for a total of 88 MW, while the process steam is produced by four Mitsubishi water tube boilers with a capacity of 50 tons per hour each. The steam condition is at 12 bars gage pressure and 188°C saturation temperature. A computer program “Cogen” has been developed to evaluate the design and off-design performance of the existing four gas turbines at JORC. Accordingly, a heat recovery combined cycle cogeneration system was proposed to utilize the exhaust energy leaving the turbines to fulfill the requirements of the refinery in both electric power and saturated steam. The output results of the computer program are presented in the form of figures. The fuel utilization efficiency of the combined plant has increased to 60% and resulted in approximately 55% reduction in fuel consumption and a payback period of 1.99 years in which the technical and economical feasibility of the proposed system is assured.

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