A procedure is proposed to determine geometrical parameters and control laws of rows of a variable multistage axial flow compressor (VMAC) which are optimum by a criterion of ensuring turbomachine high efficiency within a wide range of operating modes under the row control. It is demonstrated that in shaping a layout of a variable compressor, it is expedient to determine its row geometry on the basis of control efficiency assessment. The paper illustrates a possibility to increase turbomachine efficiency (up to 8%) through optimum monitoring of its rows when studying a compressor as a separate unit and, also, through a decrease of specific fuel consumption (SFC) by 6% when studying a compressor as included in an engine.

The paper also presents the results of optimum profiling of 7 rows in a 4-stage variable compressor for a stochastic case, which enables to obtain optimum stable (robust) solution, permitting to increase a possibility to ensure design indices in its practical realization by 2 and more times.

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