This paper describes the Design, Engineering, Planning and Implementation activities that led up to an advanced, state of the art, optimum and economical solution for expanding an existing system to handle an increase of crude oil throughput from 80 to 117 mta metric tons per year (2.53 t/s to 3.71 t/s).

The growing demand and reduced net imports of products will increase Western European crude oil requirements to 11 million b/d (barrel per day) equivalent to 20.24 m3/s by year 2000.

SUMED (gulf of SUez - MEDiterranean) the Arab Petroleum Pipelines Company has historically secured about 40% of the market for middle Eastern crude oil movements to Europe.

Given these market shares on incremental volume SUMED should achieve its maximum design throughput of 117 mta by year 2000.

The SUMED pipelines system which is owned and operated by an Arab company having EGYPT, SAUDI ARABIA, KUWAIT, EMIRATES AND QATAR as share holders has been in operation since 1977. An expansion project has started to increase the throughput capacity of the system from 80 to 117 mta. The project completion is expected by mid 1994 with a total expenditure of 120 million dollars.

This paper reviews the evaluation and selection of various electric motor and gas turbines for the main pumping station addition for this pipeline expansion.

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