This paper describes the application of Allison’s rich-quench-lean (RQL) coal combustor technology to large utility gas turbines in the 100 MWe+ class. The RQL coal combustor technology was first applied to coal derived fuels in the 1970s and has been under development since 1986 as part of a Department of Energy (DOE)-sponsored heat engine program aimed at proof of concept testing of coal-fired gas turbine technology. The 5 MWe proof of concept engine/coal combustion system was first tested on coal water slurry (CWS); it is now being prepared for testing on dry pulverized coal. A design concept to adapt the RQL coal combustor technology developed under the DOE program to large utility-sized gas turbines has been proposed for a Clean Coal V program. The engine and combustion system modifications required for application to coal-fueled combined cycle power plants using 100 MWe+ gas turbines are described. Estimates for emissions and cycle performance are given. Included are comparisons with a conventional pulverized coal plant that illustrates the advantages of incorporating a gas turbine on cycle efficiency and emission rate.

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