The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company (CG&E) has recently completed construction of the first block of units at their Woodsdale Generating Station, near Trenton, Ohio. The first block of six indoor simple cycle combustion turbine-generators are in commercial operation, with additional space allocated for six more units to be constructed as their peak electric load requires. Woodsdale Generating Station, ultimately having a peaking capacity of 960 MW, has several features unique to a peaking plant. The units are fueled with natural gas or propane, with fuel switchover capability. NOx emission control is achieved with water injection, produced by a water treatment system consisting of filtration, reverse osmosis, and demineralizers. The station also includes a central control room, black start unit, office and maintenance facilities, compressed air system, and computer-monitored gas detectors throughout. The plant staffing, operating history, and lessons learned during the first several months of service are presented.

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