The Gullfaks ‘A’ Platform located in the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea, is designed to process 50,000 SM3/day of well head fluids to crude oil and gas product specifications. The present operating conditions of the process are different from the original design due to changes in feed stock. Furthermore, degradation of compressor performance due to fouling, wear and internal leakage has led to limited production flexibility. Field performance testing of the compressors has been carried out supplemented by computer based performance prediction. Based on this information, a dynamic simulation model of the process, tuned to actual plant operation, has been used to analyse the process behaviour. Modifications have been studied by dynamic process simulation before field implementation. These modifications have resulted in reduced operating and maintenance costs. Substantial decrease in compressor speed and load have led to reduced wear and maintenance. Operational and pollution tax savings are estimated at $1.5m/year.

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