This paper describes and discusses a “closed loop” steam injection water recovery (SIWR) cycle that was developed for steam injected gas turbine applications. This process is needed to support gas turbine steam injection especially in areas where water can not be wasted and complex water treatment is discouraged.

The development of the SIWR was initiated by NOVA in an effort to reduce environmental impact of operating gas turbines and to find suitable solutions for its expanding gas transmission system to meet future air emission restrictions. While turbine steam injection provides many benefits, it has not been considered for remote, less supported environments such as gas transmission applications due to its high water consumption. The SIWR process can alleviate this problem regardless of the amount of injection required.

The paper also covers conceptual designs of a prototype SIWR system on a small gas turbine unit. However, because of relatively high costs, it is generally believed that the system is more attractive to larger size turbines and especially when it is used in conjunction with co-generation or combined cycle applications.

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