This paper describes the first test of an industrial gas turbine and low emissions combustion system on coal-water-slurry fuel. The engine and combustion system have been developed over the past five years as part of the Heat Engines program sponsored by the Morgantown Energy Technology Center of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The engine is a modified Allison 501-K industrial gas turbine designed to produce 3.5 MW of electrical power when burning natural gas or distillate fuel. Full load power output increases to approximately 4.9 MW when burning coal-water slurry as a result of additional turbine mass flow rate.

The engine has been modified to accept an external staged combustion system developed specifically for burning coal and low quality ash-bearing fuels. Combustion staging permits the control of NOx from fuel-bound nitrogen while simultaneously controlling CO emissions. Water injection freezes molten ash in the quench zone located between the rich and lean zones. The dry ash is removed from the hot gas stream by two parallel cyclone separators.

This paper describes the engine and combustor system modifications required for running on coal and presents the emissions and turbine performance data from the coal-water slurry testing. Included is a discussion of hot gas path ash deposition and planned future work that will support the commercialization of coal-fired gas turbines.

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