The AGT1500 engine was specifically designed as a propulsion unit for U.S. Army main battle tanks. This application required a gas turbine unique in configuration with features, capabilities and attributes different from conventional aircraft gas turbine engines. The engine is a very compact, rugged, modular design with overhead access for maintenance and good part power fuel consumption achieved through a unique compact recuperator. These features, along with a cycle and control system optimized for sea level operation, low smoke and low thermal and noise signature, also provide a low cost gas turbine engine which readily meets requirements for other ground based commercial and military applications. The commercial marine industrial derivative of the AGT1500 is designated the TF15. TF15 applications currently under active consideration and development by Textron Lycoming and potential users include (1) railroad locomotives, (2) stationary continuous duty cogenerative power units, (3) standby emergency and peaking power generators, and (4) natural gas and liquid pumping and (5) marine propulsion and shipboard electrical generation systems.

This paper considers the operational and design characteristics for these applications and shows how the AGT1500/TF15 engine will accommodate these requirements with little or no modifications to the basic automotive engine.

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