In this paper results of rotordynamic response and transient tests of a novel, high load squeeze film damper design, are presented. The spiral foil multi-squeeze film damper has been previously shown to provide two to four fold or larger increases in damping levels without resorting to significantly decreased damper clearances or increased lengths. By operating with a total clearance of approximately twice conventional designs, the non-linearities associated with high eccentricity operation are avoided. Rotordynamic tests with a dual squeeze film configuration were completed. As a part of the overall testing program, a flexible rotor system was subjected to high steady state imbalance levels and transient simulated bladeloss events for up to 0.254 mm (0.01 in) mass c.g offset or 180 gm-cm (2.5 oz-in) imbalance. The spiral foil multi-squeeze film damper demonstrated that the steady state imbalance and simulated bladeloss transient response of a flexible rotor operating above its first bending critical speed could be readily controlled. Rotor system imbalance sensitivity and logarithmic decrement are presented showing the characteristics of the system with the damper installed. The ability to accommodate high steady state and transient imbalance conditions make this damper well suited to a wide range of rotating machinery, including aircraft gas turbine engines.

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