A three-dimensional unsteady aerodynamic analysis is described for predicting the time-dependent flow about ducted and unducted propfans operating at angle of attack. Although the freestream is assumed to be uniform, the flow relative to the rotating blades varies with circumferential position, resulting in an inherent unsteadiness due to the nonaxial inflow. The time-dependent Euler equations are solved utilizing a Runge-Kutta time-stepping scheme. The analysis is based on a finite-volume discretization employing a multiple-block grid network. To permit the use of large calculation time steps, an implicit residual smoothing scheme previously tested for unsteady flow calculations in two dimensions is extended to three spatial dimensions. For unducted propfans, a single H-type grid block is used for each blade passage to determine the time-periodic flowfield. For ducted propfans (ultra-high bypass fans) a body-centered C-type grid is wrapped about the cowl to improve the accuracy of the analysis in the high gradient flow region near the cowl leading edge. Numerical results are compared with available data for both ducted and unducted propfans operating at angle of attack.

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