Following an assessment of needs for NDT and characterization of ceramics for the DOE program, Ceramic Technology for Advanced Heat Engines (CTAHE), many NDT projects have been implemented under the sponsorship of CTAHE to address the needs. Tasks at Argonne National Laboratory have involved X-ray computed tomography and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory has emphasized high-frequency ultrasonics, low-voltage radiography, and an advanced system for X-ray computed tomography. A brief investigation was made by Radiation Sciences, Inc., into the feasibility of synchrotron-computed tomography for ceramics. New programs recently initiated at Allison and Garrett integrate ultrasonics, radiography, and other methods into a major effort on life prediction. New programs at Norton and GTE on advanced processing of ceramics also place heavy emphasis on several methods of NDT for process development and control. Initial work on NDT standards has begun in ASTM Committees E-7 and C-28.

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