Sintered α-SiC (Hexoloy® SA*) turbine engine components have been fabricated by Carborundum for the Advanced Gas Turbine (AGT) Program and, more recently, for the Advanced Turbine Technology Applications Project (ATTAP) using three primary forming procedures — injection molding, cold isostatic pressing (CIP) followed by green machining, and slip casting. The near net-shape fabrication of injection molded AGT-100 radial rotors for the Allison Gas Turbine Division (AGTD) of General Motors Corporation and, more recently, AGT-5 axial rotors, has been demonstrated. The current emphasis at Carborundum is to refine the injection molding process, bringing it to a performance and reproducibility level sufficient for production needs. The process changes leading to increases in component strength from approximately 380 MPa (55 ksi) to 595 MPa (86 ksi) will be discussed, as well as investigation of the failure mechanism and proposed process modifications to enhance properties even further.

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