This paper presents a description of a one-dimensional, constant-radius, stage-by-stage (blade-element) axial compressor model used for compressor map generation and gas turbine off-design performance prediction. This model is designed for investigators who are without access to the proprietary compressor performance information of the gas turbine manufacturers but who are nevertheless interested in predicting the off-design performance of large utility gas turbine power systems. Model performance results (compressor maps) are reported for simulation of a nineteen-stage axial compressor designed by Allison Gas Turbine for the Electric Power Research Institute. The model is further demonstrated by simulating the NACA Eight Stage compressor. The resulting compressor maps are in good qualitative agreement with published maps and are useful for gas turbine power system performance simulation studies. This general-purpose modeling procedure can be applied to any axial compressor for which sufficient airfoil geometry and design-point performance information is known.

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