The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Ltd. is currently constructing a 700MW combined cycle power plant at Yanai, Yamaguchi Prefecture, based on new design concepts.

This power plant consists of six single-shaft combined cycle units with construction in two phases.

Operation of the first phase, which includes three units with an output of 350 MW, will begin in November, 1990; operation of the second phase, which also includes three units with an output of 350 MW, will begin in December, 1992.

The notable features of this power plant are: High efficiency; short starting and stopping time; suitability for daily start/stop and large load variations; thorough NOx countermeasures; easy-to-use man-machine interface control systems; and short construction period based on improvement of construction methods.

The NOx countermeasures for the gas turbines are based on a newly-developed dry low NOx combustor which is designed so that the NOx emission level is 75 ppm or less for the entire load.

A functionally and hierarchically distributed digital control system has been used for the plant control system, so that the reliability, maintenability, and controllability will be improved.

In particular, an improvement was made to the man-machine interface. A CRT operation system and a large 110-inch screen are used together with an operation support system and a power plant office automation system.

Equipment installation is proceeding smoothly and field testing of the first units will begin in April, 1990.

Because this power plant is located in the Inland Sea National Park, thorough consideration has been taken in its appearance, such as color coordination, and landscaping of the power station area.

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