In this paper, a general analysis of combined gas-steam cycles for power plants firing with both hydrocarbons and coal derived gas is reported.

The purpose of this paper is to study the influence on power plants performance of different kind of fuels and to evaluate the most significant parameters of both gas and combined cycle.

Results are presented for plant overall efficiency and net specific work, steam to gas mass flow ratio, dimensionless gas turbine specific speed and diameter, CO2 emissions etc., as functions of gas cycle pressure ratio and of the combustion temperature.

Furthermore, for an existing power plant with a 120 MW gas turbine, the authors try to establish in which measure the combined cycle characteristic parameters, the gas turbine operating conditions, and the heat recovery steam generator efficiency, are modified by using synthetic fuels of different composition and calorific value.

The influence is also analyzed either of bottoming steam cycle saturation pressure or — in a dual pressure steam cycle — of dimensionless fraction of steam mass flow in high pressure stream.

The acquired results seem to constitute useful information on the criteria for the optimal design of a new integrated coal gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant.

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