A simple model is used to calculate the flow in compressor blades with supersonic relative inlet flow. The one-dimensional model utilises the conservation of stagnation enthalpy, mass flow and momentum in the inlet region. The momentum equation is applied in the direction parallel to the blade surface at inlet and one of the fundamental simplifications adopted is that the projected area of the blades gives such a small force in this direction that a very simple approximation for it suffices.

The model is able to predict the loss creation in the inlet region. The level of predicted loss agree well with measured values when the Mach numbers are sufficiently high for the inlet loss to dominate. Furthermore the correct trends of loss with incidence and blade speed are predicted. The pressure rise and flow can also be predicted when the correct deviation and meridional streamtube convergence are given. The method predicts trends usually seen in measurments: the narrowing of the useful operating range between choke and flow instability (surge) as blade speed is increased and a steepening of the surge line at the higher speeds.

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