Aero engine component design and development makes increasing use of computer codes for flow field calculations, such as two- or three-dimensional flow fields and flow fields with strong viscous effects. The accuracy of these calculation methods depends on the mathematical models and numerical schemes used to describe the physical reality. The proof of validity and the refinement of such methods depend on verification against relevant test cases, primarily experimental test cases. The AGARD Propulsion and Energetics Panel established Working Group 18 to specify relevant reference test cases to serve as validation bases for new methods, but also as check for existing production codes. The present paper gives an overview on the results of the Working Group and briefly describes the different test cases. These test cases refer to analytical and experimental test cases for steady flow in linear compressor and turbine cascades, single blade rows, single and multistage axial compressors and turbines and ducts. In addition, suggestions for future tests designed to reduce the limitations are discussed.

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