A finite-volume lower-upper (LU) implicit scheme is used to simulate an inviscid flow in a turbine cascade. This approximate factorization scheme requires only the inversion of sparse lower and upper triangular matrices, which can be done efficiently without extensive storage. As an implicit scheme it allows a large time step to reach the steady state. An interactive grid generation program (TURBO), which is being developed, is used to generate grids. This program uses the control point form of algebraic grid generation which uses a sparse collection of control points from which the shape and position of coordinate curves can be adjusted. A distinct advantage of TURBO compared with other grid generation programs is that it allows the easy change of local mesh structure without affecting the grid outside the domain of dependence. Sample grids are generated by TURBO for a compressor rotor blade and a turbine cascade. The turbine cascade flow is simulated by using the LU implicit scheme on the grid generated by TURBO.

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