This paper describes experiments that were conducted several years ago on a single-stage open face centrifugal partial emission compressor with a non-dimensional specific speed of D.15 (19.3 dimensional). The purpose of the experiments was to experimentally evaluate the partial emission compressor as a possible candidate for a high speed low flow natural gas fuel pump, the alternative to which was a larger heavier reciprocating compressor.

A review and re-analysis of the test data were conducted. The used updated compressor data reduction performance procedures and flow models to redefine the experimental compressor as a reference case in the low specific speed range of single-stage centrifugal compressors.

Normalized performance characteristics are presented for the experimental compressor in terms of efficiencies, diffuser recovery, and head coefficients versus diffuser relative flow parameter, or choke margin. Peak efficiency obtained at a De Laval number of 1.16, and nondimensional specific speed of 0.15, was 34.5%.

Stage performance is found to be dominated by diffuser geometry and choke margin, plus windage losses.

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