An experimental project is now underway to demonstrate the advantages of the Kalina cycle technology. A Kalina Cycle Experimental Plant (KCEP) will be built as a 3 MW bottoming cycle using the waste heat from a facility within the Energy Technology Engineering Center (ETEC), a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory located in Canoga Park, California.

The design of the experimental plant is presented, including the process flow diagram, heat and mass balance, and specifications for the plant’s major equipment; the waste heat boiler, turbine generator and distillation/condensation subsystem.

Using a mixture of ammonia and water at a mass ratio of 70/30, and a new condenser design based on absorption principles, the Kalina cycle plant will attempt to demonstrate its superiority over the Rankine steam cycle. Based on single pressure designs at comparable peak cycle temperatures, the Kalina cycle’s output should exceed that of the steam cycle by 25 percent.

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