The PGT 10 two-shaft, 10 MW, industrial gas turbine has a capability of up to 34% simple-cycle efficiency, high reliability with extended range of operation and low exhaust emissions. Features like the 14:1 pressure ratio and high specific mass flow transonic axial compressor are at the highest levels in the heavy-duty gas turbine design. The firing temperature, the blade cooling techniques, the extended modularization of components and subassemblies are in their turn representative of the well-proven, state-of-art technology: performance results also from the aero-thermodynamic design aimed at maximizing component efficiencies.

This paper introduces the major aspects of the PTG 10 turbine design. After full-load testing was successfully completed on the first units, the PTG 10 has entered normal production in 1987 and several units have already been installed or shipped.

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