Fiber metal abradable seals are used for clearance control in gas turbine engines. Abradable seals accommodate rubs between the rotating system and the engine housing. Abradable seals also block the passage of air around the rotating system. Conventional seals are fabricated in flat sheet and formed into ring shape, with a seam in the ring axis direction. Seamless seals are fabricated in ring form with no seam. For conventional fiber metal seals, the seal material properties are adjusted to best suit the requirements of particular applications. The seamless metal fiber seals offer improved knife edge abradability and air flow blockage performance compared to the conventional materials. The seamless seals respond to knife edge rub interaction in the same manner as conventional seals of 10 to 20% lower density. The seamless seal blocks air flow with approximately twice the effectiveness of conventional seals. Seamless seals are comparable in cost to conventional seals.

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