Prediction of the impaction efficiency of evaporating kerosense droplets on vee-gutter were carried out by solving numerically the equations describing the flow field passing over a vee-gutter, the droplet evaporation model and the droplet motion. All the results obtained under conditions which are similar to afterburners in aircraft propulsion systems were then summarized by dimensional analysis, yielding an expression for calculating the impaction efficiency. It is shown from the expression that the key factor influencing the impaction efficiency is the initial droplet diameter, i.e., the impaction efficiency is proportional to the power of 1.44 of the initial droplet diameter; The impaction efficiency decreases with increasing ambient temperature and pressure, the distance from the droplet injection section to the vee-gutter and the width of the vee-gutter and increases with the stream velocity. The expression obtained in this paper can be used to estimate approximately the impaction efficiency in afterburners of aircraft propulsion systems.

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