A simple but accurate method of calculating ratio of relative velocities within centrifugal impeller channels is proposed using a one-dimensional flow model, whose major parameters are specific speed, non-dimensional root-mean square radius of the inducer inlet, slip factor, flow coefficient and flow angle at impeller exit. After the non dimensional relative velocity at inducer inlet and that at impeller exit are derived, the ratio of relative velocity at impeller exit to that at inducer inlet is obtained. In addition to this, the ratio is divided into two parts: one ratio for the inducer portion and another ratio for the radial portion of the impeller channel.

The computations are conducted both for adiabatic inviscid flow and for two conditions assumed for viscous flow, in which one used an empirical relationship between the total pressure ratio and the peripheral speed of impeller and the other used experimental values for the total pressure ratio as a funtion of the flow rate. By the present simple method, the non-dimensional relative velocities as well as the ratios of the relative velocities for the inlets and the exits of an inducer and an impeller channel are calculated accurately.

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