An assessment of a three-dimensional potential code is presented for axial and radial blade row flows, for which experimental data or computational results are available. The prediction of a flow case with severe cross flow is included. Numerous 3-D potential flow effects will be discussed.

The conservative full potential equation for 3-D transonic flow is solved by a robust SLOR method. A new formulation of the downstream flow ensures the computability of blade row flows with arbitrary spanwise circulation distributions. Blade circulation distribution and downstream flow properties are obtained as a part of the solution. The surface representation in parameter form in the geometry definition program and the mesh generation program, as well as the tensor notation of the basic equation and a configuration-independent vortex sheet approximation prediction, ensure the computability of flows through blade rows with arbitrary complex geometries. The CRAY-1/M incore version of the code is inexpensive enough to be used in the aerodynamic design process of new blade rows with irrotational inflows.

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