This Paper covers various aspects with respect to the selection and operation of air filtration associated to offshore gas turbine installations. As the Offshore North Sea industry moves into its second decade, Operators are still trying to improve machine availability and reduce maintenance costs. One of the main contributing factors in their failure to achieve the ideal condition has been poor inlet air filtration caused by bad design and incorrect filter selection.

The majority of offshore installations are equipped with filter systems which were originally designed for use on ocean-going vessels. The performance of what has become known as the “High Velocity Salt Eliminator System” has, in most cases, been unsatisfactory, thereby creating a necessity for a continuing search into alternative filter systems.

The experiences of most Operators in the North Sea have been very similar, and examination of the platform environment explains why this should be the case.

To emphasize the affects of poor air filtration and the savings that can be achieved by the Operator in recognising and correcting the problems, specific reference is made to the experience of Mobil North Sea with the Beryl Alpha Production Platform.

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