This paper discusses the selection and integration of two 100 MW class uprated 50 Hz heavy duty gas turbines into an electric utility system which had significant prior experience with an earlier lower rated version. The new units have been installed in both simple and combined cycle application. Discussed are the various elements important to this selection including site considerations, economics, system requirements and prior gas turbine experience.

Although the uprated gas turbine model was evolved from a service-proven 60 Hz version the manufacturer implemented an extensive test program on one of the units to verify various design parameters and to confirm predicted performance. Stator parts and rotor components were fully instrumented in the simple cycle unit for these tests and results are discussed in this paper.

Presented are the extent of instrumentation and the test plan, the comparison of test data with analysis, the results of performance testing and the resulting modifications made to the Gas Turbine control system to enhance component life.

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