The torsional stiffness of a thin walled closed section is many times greater than that of the corresponding open section. The structure consisting of a thin walled open section partially closed along its length by beams is an intermediate case and studies have been carried out to analyze the torsional behavior of such structures. The continuous medium method, in which the intermediate connecting beams are replaced by an equivalent continuous medium, is applied for the torsional analysis. Basically, Vlasov’s theory is applied for the torsional analysis and for the determination of axial warping stresses. Expressions to determine the angle of twist and warping stresses are obtained. Design charts are developed to determine the response for various stiffnesses of intermediate connecting beams. Comparisons between completely open and partially open sections are made for angle of twist and warping stresses. Also, the warping stresses are compared with bending stresses and it is shown that the warping stresses could be very significant.

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