Penetration and break-up characteristics of a discrete liquid jet injected into a high velocity cross flowing airstream were examined as a basis of plain-jet airblast atomizer design. The first results of this program, detailed in (4), covered the effects of liquid jet/airstream velocities and the injection orifice diameter. The results presented here cover the effects of liquid viscosity (0.001 to 0.125 Ns/m2), liquid surface tension (0.027 to 0.074 N/m), liquid density (812 to 1830 Kg/m3), the liquid jet injection angle (30 to 90 degrees) and the orifice length-to-diameter ratio (5 to 14). These tests were carried out under normal atmospheric pressure and temperature conditions using still photography for penetration profile and a laser light scattering technique for mean dropsize determination. The experimental penetration data is shown to agree reasonably accurately, with the simple model developed before (see (4)). The analysis of the experimental mean dropsize data collected in this study leads to the development of the following correlation

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