At the Technical University of Berlin, the usual Fluid Mechanics Course for engineering students has been offered since 1977 in two different ways simultaneously, between which the students may choose. One is the traditional scheme of lectures with additional example classes; students can obtain a typewritten summary of the course without the examples. As an alternative the students are provided with a complete text of the course arranged for self-study together with worked examples. This text has now been published as a book (H. Schade, E. Kunz: Strömungslehre. Berlin, New York: de Gruyter 1980). In the alternative course the students meet in groups of about five with a professor or a teaching assistant once a week to discuss the section of the text which they had been given as a reading assignment in the previous week. All students, whether they have attended the traditional or the alternative course, must pass the same written and oral examinations at the end of the one-year course. The advantages and disadvantages of both methods will be discussed and an evaluation will be given.

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