Two-dimensional arrays of circular air jets impinging on a surface parallel to the jet orifice plate are considered. The jet flow, after impingement, is constrained to exit in a single direction along the channel formed by the jet orifice plate and the impingement surface. In addition to the crossflow which originates from the jets following impingement, an initial (independent) crossflow is present which approaches the array through an upstream extension of the channel. The configurations considered are intended to model the impingement cooled mid-chord region of gas turbine airfoils in cases where an initial crossflow is also present. Experimentally determined row-by-row streamwise distributions of the jet and crossflow velocities are presented for ratios of the initial crossflow rate to the total jet flow rate ranging from zero to unity. Comparisons are drawn between the measured flow distributions and a theoretical model which is presented. Effects of crossflow velocity and impingement surface proximity on jet hole discharge coefficients are also presented and discussed.

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