Flame radiation measurements were made in the primary zone of a film cooled gas turbine combustor, while burning #2 distillate (13 percent H) and a coal derived liquid fuel (8.7 percent H), from the SRC II process. Measurements from three circumferentially located radiometers indicate an average increase in flame heat flux of 55 percent, during combustion of the SRC II blend. Individual radiometer readings measured an increase ranging from 52 to 60 percent. Analytical predictions of the average combustor metal temperature, for the SRC II blend, cannot be explained by the increase in flame heat flux alone. If the same temperature of hot gases which mix in with film cooling air is used for both fuels then the calculated temperatures for SRC II fuel would be higher than those measured. Therefore, a lower value for hot gas temperature is required for the SRC II fuel case. This difference is attributed to the difference inflame shape between the two fuels.

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