This paper highlights a recently completed study program to evaluate the performance and cost of advanced power generation systems which utilize coal-derived, medium-Btu fuel gas. Three advanced power generation systems are covered: combined-cycle gas turbine, molten carbonate fuel cell, and open-cycle MHD/steam. Two coal gasification processes for supplying the medium-Btu fuel gas are considered; they are the oxygen-blown Texaco process and British Gas Corporation/Lurgi process or simply BGC process. Descriptions of the advanced power generation systems and of the medium-Btu fuel gas supplied by the gasification processes are provided. The performance of each of the advanced power generation systems is evaluated when utilizing coal-derived, medium-Btu fuel gas supplied 1) via pipeline from each of the two coal gasifiers, and 2) through integration with each of the two coal gasifiers. Estimates of electric power costs are given.

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