A transportable automatic data acquisition system to obtain high pressure compressor entrance profiles in an F-100 Series 3 gas turbine engine is described. The system was developed, assembled, and tested at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and transported to a remote location for implementation in a sea level engine test. Acquisition of data was controlled through a Hewlett Packard Model 9825T desktop calculator, preprogrammed to display airflow data in engineering units during the test. Entrance profiles of total and static pressure, temperature, and flow angle for two axial locations are presented. A wedge probe sensing element was positioned at 12 radial locations by remote traversing mechanisms to obtain these profiles. For a total pressure range of 18 to 46 psia (0.13 to 0.32 MPa), acquisition uncertainties in static and total pressure were reduced to below ± percent of measured values by optimizing data system component uncertainties.

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