A simple technique has been developed which samples the dynamic image plane information of a schlieren system using a digital correlator. Measurements have been made in the passages and in the wakes of transonic turbine blades in a linear cascade. The wind tunnel runs continuously and has independently variable Reynolds and Mach number. As expected, strongly correlated vortices were found in the wake and trailing edge region at 50 KHz. Although these are strongly coherent we show that there is only limited cross-correlation from wake to wake over a Mach no. range M = 0.5 to 1.25 and variation of Reynolds number from 3 × 105 to 106. The trailing edge fluctuation cross correlations were extended both upstream and downstream and preliminary measurements indicate that this technique can be used to obtain information on wake velocity. The vortex frequency has also been measured over the same Mach number range for two different cascades. The results have been compared with high speed schlieren photographs.

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