A program to design, construct and operate a pilot electric plant using a pressurized fluidized bed (PFB) combustor burning high sulfur coal to produce electricity at competitive costs and in an environmentally acceptable manner is proceeding under DOE sponsorship. Three components were identified needing experimental test data to validate the selected design configurations or material selections. These components included: (a) PFB in-bed heat exchanger tubes, (b) hot gas cleanup system, and (c) turbine blades. R&D test programs utilizing laboratory rigs, commercial fluid bed reactors, and a large scale PFB technology rig were conducted for a cumulative test time of over 10,000 hr. Design criteria and configurations were selected and verified. This paper presents the results of the technology development presents the results of the technology development tests. Also, the large scale PFB technology rig design and test program are presented. The results of operating a small gas turbine coupled to the PFB combustor and hot gas cleanup system within this technology rig are discussed.

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