A simple, relatively low-cost, two-shaft gas turbine has been developed for industrial use. It is a modification of the two-shaft regenerative vehicular gas turbine that was previously developed and has a variable power turbine nozzle. A standby electric power generator set that is powered by the gas turbine has also been built. Its rated output is 300 ps and it generates 200 kw of electrical power. As it is a two-shaft gas turbine, it requires only 9 seconds to start with a 3.5-kw electric starting motor. While the transient responses, especially in the area of speed changes caused by step load changes, appear to be an inevitable shortcoming, they have been minimized by the reduction of the gasifier rotating unit’s polar moment of inertia and other improvements in the fuel control system and units. Consequently, the use of this generator set for general purposes will not pose any problem.

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