The LARZAC 04 turbofan engine has been designed, developed and qualified by two French gas turbine engine companies linked by a controlling group known as Groupement Turbomeca-SNECMA. The LARZAC engine is in production for the Alpha Jet, a military aircraft developed by Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation and Dornier GmbH. Teledyne CAE has an agreement to market, service and, optionally, to manufacture the LARZAC 04 in the United States and Canada and has designated this engine the Model 490-4. This paper addresses the criteria used to design the Model 490-4 and achieve high reliability and low maintenance cost. For example: (a) modular construction and how it reduces maintenance cost, (b) high reliability design and its payoff in low maintenance costs, and (c) the planned growth of the inspection intervals to achieve minimum Life Cycle Cost. Also addressed in this paper is the rugged design of the engine as proven by cyclic component tests, large and small bird ingestion, water and hail ingestion, short cycle testing and Simulated Mission Endurance Tests.

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