This paper reports on the preliminary results of an evaluation of a bluff-body combustor that is suitable for use in modeling and diagnostics development. To facilitate modeling studies and the evaluation of diagnostic techniques, the combustor is designed with simple axisymmetric geometry and easy measurement access to the reaction zone. The combustor configuration consists of a 14-cm-dia shrouded disk centered in a 25.4-cm-dia duct with gaseous propane injection at the center of the disk through a 4.8-mm-dia tube. The combustor is operated at atmospheric pressure and room air inlet temperatures and burns gaseous propane. Measurements of flame lengths and the rich and lean blow-off limits are presented. Combustion inefficiencies are presented at selected air and fuel flow rates. For a constant airflow rate, the combustion inefficiency passes through a minimum as the fuel flow rate increases. Photographs show that the shape of the flame changes dramatically as the air and fuel flow rates are varied.

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