An industrial gas turbine combustor has been developed which is capable of operating over the gas turbine load range on a variety of coal-derived low Btu gases as well as No. 2 distillate fuel. At gas turbine cycle conditions using simulated coal-derived low Btu gas, CO emissions and combustor blowout characteristics are comparable to those obtained with current product line combustors burning No. 2 distillate. The results of laboratory single burner combustion tests with simulated low Btu gases, ranging in heating value from 809 to 1369 kcal/NM3 (91–154 Btu/scf), are described. Parametric studies were also conducted in which the moisture content of the fuel (at constant volumetric lower heating value) and heating value were varied. The results of these tests are compared with those obtained with a conventional constant cross-sectional area combustor and those of other investigators.

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