The Exxon Research pressurized fluidized bed coal combustion pilot plant, known as the miniplant, has been in operation since 1974. Constructed under EPA contract, this facility operates at pressures to 10 atm, bed velocities to 10 ft/sec and temperatures to 1800 F. It can burn 400 lb of coal per hour and has operated for over 2500 test hours. Under a program sponsored by the U. S. Department of Energy, the Exxon pressurized fluidized bed coal combustion miniplant provided a test site and environment for the exposure of specimens of potential PFBCC fireside heat exchanger alloys and gas turbine materials. The intent of these PFBCC exposure tests is to compile a suitable engineering data base for the characterization of the corrosion/erosion behavior of a number of commercially available alloys when exposed to a pressurized fluidized bed coal combustion environment. These PFBCC exposures will provide corrosion/erosion data and comparisons of materials for application to advanced gas turbine/combined cycle type power systems using coal.

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