The first LM2500 “second generation” gas generator was placed in gas transmission service in December 1970. Derived from the TF39 and CF6 engines, advanced aircraft power plants in service since 1965 for the Air Force C5A transport and the new wide-bodied commercial airlines, the LM2500 has accumulated over 315,000 operational hours in gas transmission service. During this period, the LM2500 has demonstrated the capability to exceed 45,000 hr without major overhaul. Demonstrated reliability and availability have exceeded 99 percent. This paper describes the evolution of the LM2500 from its aircraft progenitors in order to illustrate the effect of the initial design concepts embodied upon reliability, availability, maintainability and life cycle-costs. Included is a discussion of the overall influence of initial acquisition, fuel, maintenance, and repair costs and their effects on system availability and overall life-cycle cost.

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