The incentives for a water-cooled gas turbine have been previously presented by Caruvana et al.1 The ongoing water cooling development effort at General Electric, including the successful operation of a 9.7 in. (24.7 cm) dia laboratory turbine at firing temperatures up to 3500 F (1927 C), has been described by Horner et al.2 An important portion of this effort is wheelbox testing wherein water transfer, distribution, cooling, collection, and erosion are being studied in full-scale rotating hardware of the General Electric MS-7000 size gas turbine. In addition, rotor dynamic and bucket tip water discharge characteristics are being obtained for the design of a full size water-cooled gas turbine. Discussed are the design of the rather unique test vehicle and the results obtained from the initial test phase. Results from the second phase of testing, to be conducted in late 1978, will be the subject of a future paper. This effort has been funded under the EPRI Water-Cooled Gas Turbine Development Project.

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