For the removal of NOx in a gas turbine exhaust gas, the reduction of NOx with NH3 and H2O2 was studied. It was found that the addition of H2O2 very effectively lowers the reduction temperature of NO with NH3 and that more than 90 percent NOx reduction could be attained at 550 C in the absence of O2. However, the NOx reduction rate decreased with increases in the concentration of O2, and NOx reduction was about 40 to 60 percent under gas turbine exhaust gas condition (15 percent O2). In order to attain a high rate of reduction of NOx, a combined reduction process, which consisted of homogeneous gas phase and the catalytic heterogeneous reactions, was also developed. The efficiency of the new process was proved in a pilot plant using half a size model of a 25-MW gas turbine combustor.

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