Citizens Utilities Company’s Kauai Electric Division is the electric utility on the Island of Kauai, fourth largest and westernmost as well as northernmost of the Hawaiian Islands. As a result of growing load requirements, additional generating capacity was required that would afford a high level of reliability and operating flexibility and good fuel economy at reasonable capital investment. To meet these requirements, a combined cycle arrangement was completed in 1978 utilizing one existing gas turbine-generator and one new gas turbine-generator, both exhausting to a new heat recovery steam generator which supplies steam to an existing steam turbine-generator. Damper controlled ducting directs exhaust gas from either gas turbine, one at a time, through the heat recovery steam generator. The existing oil-fired steam boiler remains available to power the steam turbine-generator independently or in parallel with the heat recovery steam generator. The gas turbines can operate either in simple cycle as peaking units or in combined cycle, one at a time, as base load units. This arrangement provides excellent operating reliability and flexibility, and the most favorable economics of all generating arrangements for the service required.

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