This paper describes studies on the operating and control behavior of nuclear helium turbine plants. The aim of these studies is to prove that the requirements of the grid can be met by the power plant without undue operating conditions. This work refers to a non-integrated plant design which has been developed in the framework of the German HHT-Project. Essentially the following control modes are investigated: Gas injection and discharge at various points of the circuit; opening and closing of by-passes; and control of loss of load with the aid of by-passes. The gas injection and discharge gives relative slow power changes but favorable efficiencies at part-load. With gas injection on the HP-side the power output rises faster than would correspond with the increase of inventory. This behavior can be used advantageously for frequency maintenance as described in the paper. The by-pass control is characterized by rapid power changes in connection with unfavorable part-load efficiencies. The associated pressure-gradients are inside of tolerable limits. The loss of load from full load as the most extreme operating case can be met by by-pass control with Pl-controller. One can establish that the plant can fulfill all investigated operating requirements without undue operating conditions.

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