With reference to a proposal made by Prof. Ackeret studies have been made on the composition of an optimal working medium for closed-cycle gas turbines. These studies are based on the assumption that this aim could be achieved by mixing helium with a gas of higher molecular weight, using neon, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide here. The influence of these gas mixtures on the circuit parameters and on the layout of the turbomachines and heat exchanging apparatus is shown. The calculations have been carried out giving consideration to the real gas behavior of the mentioned gas mixtures. In addition to this, the relationship of the costs of the turbomachinery and apparatus are shown in relation to a reference plant with pure helium as working agent. The basis for these studies is a process with the thermal efficiency, the upper and lower process temperatures and the turbine inlet pressure being the same for all gas mixtures. The results of the calculations are that, for certain gas compositions, cost advantages can be gained relative to the layout with pure helium. These advantages and the mixture compositions, for which they appear, are dependent on the admixed gases. For these calculations the cost relationship of turbomachines and heat exchangers to the total cost have been considered.

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