The EMU-30/E generator set was developed and produced under contract to the USAF for use in the 407L Tactical Air Control System. For this application, two generator sets, complete with auxiliary equipment, are installed on a pallet to form an A/E24U-8 power plant. One EMU-30/E generator set provides the precise 400-Hz power required for the 3-D radar, computers, communications system, and air conditioning; the second set is on “standby” and will automatically start and assume the electrical load if the operating unit malfunctions. Due to the broad range of operating conditions, precise power limits, high reliability, and low maintenance requirements of the 407L System, the design of the EMU-30/E generator set had to incorporate certain unique features such as solid-state electronic controls, winterization equipment, automatic fault shotdown, and automatic paralleling capabilities. The design concept was based on using proven equipment, such as the Titan gas turbine engine, an alternator, and advanced electronic controls, all packaged into a compact and rugged enclosure and featuring low maintenance requirements and ease of servicing.

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